About Us

"Preservation of an old building is a rewarding thing in and of itself"....

When the family was deciding on where the new business should be, one thing was for sure,
"There is nothing like an old building to create charm and ambiance, especially for a liquor store". The location at 7708 NW. 23rd. St. in Bethany was just that. A classic building in the community that had held the memories of restaurant goers for years. 

Upon entering the newly remodeled facility, customers are taken back as they recall the times enjoyed dinning there. Now, new memories are to be had as row after row of wine racks layout the once dinning room floor. The booths that were along the walls have been replaced with sprawling sections of black shelving, filled with your favorite selections of Wine, Spirits, & Beer. "We really love what you have done with the place", a new customer said, as we first opened for business in Spring of 2012. "I have been coming here for years for pizza, now it's my NEW favorite drink stop!"- C.Fields

Customer's from all over Bethany have been making their way to OneStop. Isn't it time you "stop" by?

We look forward to seeing you!


the OneStop Liquor Family

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